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Kitchen and Bathroom Designs

Kitchen & Bathroom Designs


The kitchen and bathroom are two areas of your home that require durable materials. Because these rooms are such high traffic spaces, your flooring is one of the most crucial aspects. Flooring should be strong and sturdy, water-resistant, and easy to maintain if you want to get the most out of it. At Glenwood Springs Carpet One Floor & Home, we can work with you to find flooring that has all of these features, plus enhances the look of your home. From classic to contemporary designs, our flooring selection is full of options that are ideal for your kitchen or bathroom. 



Luxury vinyl and tile are two types of flooring that work well with kitchens and bathrooms. Luxury vinyl is water-resistant and sturdy and comes in wood-look styles and other styles that will keep your home trendy while also offering features that matter to you. Some tile is waterproof, while others are water-resistant, so tile is the perfect addition for flooring in these spaces. Plus, tile is easy to maintain because it isn’t likely to crack or chip, and it doesn’t stain easily. 


Tile Backsplashes


Not only does your flooring need to stand up to daily wear and tear, but your walls do too! One easy way to protect your walls is with the addition of a tile backsplash. Tile backsplashes keep your walls shielded from spills and splatters, and provide you with an easy to clean surface when messes do happen. You can choose a mosaic or create a pattern with tile depending on your design goals.


Kitchen and Bath Trends


Kitchen and bathroom trends are constantly changing, but you can stay on top of them by adding a few touches to your home. One of this year’s most popular trends is wallpaper. You can make your powder room or even your master suite stand out with patterned wallpaper. By simply adding one wall of patterned paper, you can add visual interest. Another trend that is popular this year is metal hardware. Brass, matte black, and copper hardware all give way to chic, modern style without being too over the top. 


Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets


Cabinets are an essential part of your space. They not only provide you the storage you need but also contribute to your overall home design. Looking for the perfect rustic charm? Dark wood cabinets will grab attention and help you achieve that goal nearly instantly. In other instances, your cabinets can be part of a framework of design pieces that all work together to create a unique style. No matter what your design goals are, your cabinets play a huge role, not only in their appearance but in their usefulness as well. 





We carry a wide selection of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We even carry brands like J&K, Woodland, and Midwest. 



Tile Backsplashes

Tile backsplashes continue to be a top option for kitchens and bathrooms. There are so many different tiles to choose from; it can be tough to select just one!



Tile Backsplashes


Wallplanks are an innovative, easy way for you to get the accent wall you’ve always wanted. Perfect for your kitchen or dining room, you can create a wall that stands out. 

Custom Showers

Achieve the bathroom of your dreams by upgrading to a tile shower. You won’t regret your investment!

Custom Showers


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